Lords of the Creek by Tony Nwaka

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513klics9mlTitle: Lords of the Creek

Author: Tony Nwaka

Genre: Long Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 202

Publication Year: September 25, 2015

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 978-1504950251

Available at: Amazon Store

Short Description: Nigerian businessman Robert Akinyemi Edward has already agreed to postpone his retirement once to assist Adilax, a multinational oil company, amid the worsening crisis in the Niger Delta. With just three days left in his deferment, he settles into a chair in a hotel lounge. Moments after he receives an urgent phone call, he frantically races to the Abuja airport to catch the last flight to Warri. There is no time to waste: a member of the Itsekiri royal family has been abducted from the house of Macpherson Douglas, an Adilax staff member. With Princess Alero Mayuku missing and Douglas in trouble with the police, Robert soon finds himself immersed in tense negotiations involving several conflicting groups. But when Douglas and the police officers who take him in for questioning suddenly disappear, Robert must initiate his own search operations to find the princess-rumored to be a captive of Ijaw militia boys-and Douglas. But as Robert is about to discover, there are those who will stop at nothing to stand in his way. In this political and social thriller, a Nigerian businessman is drawn into centuries-old conflicts as he attempts to rescue an abducted princess and elude those who hunt him.

Category: Thriller


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Mountain of Yesterday by Tony Nwaka

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moyyTitle: Mountain of Yesterday

Author: Tony Nwaka

Genre: Long Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.5 X 8.5

Number of Pages: 311

Publication Year: January 1, 2017

Publisher: Kraft Books Limited

ISBN: 978-91837-6-0

Available at: Sage Bookshop, Asaba, Delta State, Integrity Bookshop, EMAD PLAZA, Wuse II, Abuja, JED Mega Stores, THE PALMS, Lekki, Lagos State.

Short Description: Amina and Udoka are caught in the religious riot that engulfs the city of Maiduguri. Their home and many others are destroyed, leaving a trail of tragedies. With the assistance of a kind stranger, Udoka relocates to his homestead in the East.

Back home at Ubo, he must adhere to the traditional practices of his people or face the wrath of the community. This brings about friction at which point they are cut off from interacting with their extended family members as penalty for disobedience. When the unexpected happens and Amina becomes the central figure of opposition against the forces of tradition, a vicious battle erupts. Human willpower is locked in deadly confrontation with a deeply conservative society.      

Category: Literary fiction


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Themis by Isaac Attah Ogezi

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Title: Themis

Author: Isaac Attah Ogezi

Genre: Drama

Format: eBook (Kindle Edition)

Book Dimension (Paperback): NA

File Size (eBook): 934 KB

Number of Pages (eBook): 90

Publication Year: February 1, 2017

Publisher: Zakky Bookworld International

ISBN: 978-1520504063

Available at: Amazon (Kindle Store)

Short Description: Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, also popularly known as the blind Lady Justice, hails from the first generation of the line of the Titans in ancient Greek mythology. The myth woven around her in this play is aimed at bringing to the fore the universal theme of justice and its concomitant principle of equality of all before the naked eyes of the law which are the mainstay of the time-hallowed doctrine of the Rule of Law.
Themis is the mythopoeic story of the goddess’ passion for justice and equity far above primordial sentiments. It foregrounds the sacred place of justice above the wild call of consanguinity and romantic love. Told in a lyrical language that transports the reader or audience to the fabled Mount Olympus, the revered abode of the gods, the play demystifies the gods in the pantheon by conferring on them with some basic human attributes.

Category: Mythology, Drama


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Dreams of Yesterday by Lilian Uchenna Amah

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Title: Dreams of Yesterday

Author: Lilian Uchenna Amah

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback/E-book

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

File Size (E-book): 658 KB

Number of Pages (Paperback): 208

Publication Year: June 30, 2015

Publisher: (Kraftgriots) Kraft Books Limited

ISBN: 978-978-918-246-6

Available at: Amazon.com  and in bookstores at University of Ibadan bookshop, Booksellers Limited, and bookshops nationwide.

Short Description: Dreams of yesterday examines the horror of the Nigerian Civil War and its aftermath through a story of love, sacrifice and death. It chronicles the lives of Captain Lekan Lawson, a young man fighting on the Nigerian side, and Nnena, a Biafran, who loses all she has in the war. It is fate that brings them together and war that tears them apart. Beyond the love story, Amah generally employs pathos to project the evils of war.

Although she uses history to gain leverage through language and plot, Amah is not a crusader fighting on one side of the divide. If anything, she focuses on the ordinary lives destroyed, the lives thrown into trauma beyond the trenches and away from the battleground and those who carry the scars of war in their hearts.

Dreams of Yesterday  is racy, full of suspense and leaves the reader yearning for more.

Category: Historical romance


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Minds on Rides by Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

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Title: Minds on Rides

Author: Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

Genre: Fiction

Format: Ebook

Book Dimension: NA

File Size (E-book): 0.4MB

Number of Pages (Paperback): NA

Publication Year: October 1, 2016

Publisher: Chalta Press

ISBN: 989-989-50772-7-8

Available at: Okadabooks, lulu, ibooks

Short Description: The unimaginable circumstance behind Chidimma’s birth and the impact on the Benjamins, Chidimma’s family, has brought enormous insecurity to the family.

The issue of trust and friendship seems vague to Mr. Benjamin as he tries to find out who the enemy of his family is.

Chidimma gets kidnapped by someone who wants nothing else for ransom than …? who could this enemy be…? and what is it that he wants?

Category: Suspense/Thriller


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A Conspiracy of Ravens by Othuke Ominiabohs

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Title: A Conspiracy of Ravens

Author: Othuke Ominiabohs

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback/Ebook (Kindle)

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

File Size (E-book): NA

Number of Pages (Paperback): 401

Publication Year: September 17, 2016

Publisher: TND Press Ltd

ISBN: 978-978-955-884-1

Available at: JED Bookstore, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, TerraKulture, VI, Lagos,  LitCafe and Office Mall, E-Centre (Ozone Cinema building), Yaba and other leading bookstores nationwide.

Short Description: In the Niger Delta creeks Southern Nigeria, nine expatriates are being held hostage by militants fighting for control over the resources from their land. At the same time, a series of seemingly unconnected events rock the country.

Alex Randa, a celebrated agent of the Department of State Services, with a compelling record of successes is tasked by the president to secure the release of the hostages; and to also uncover the sponsors behind the militants. With nothing to go on but the phrase ‘Operation Raven’, her instincts, and three unlikely allies, Alex quickly learns nothing is what it seems. Together, they must race against time to save not just the hostages but a nation on the brink of a bloody Civil War.

Category: Suspense/Thriller


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Use the L.I.F.T. by Olugbenga Hodonu and Kester Audu

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Use the L.I.F.T.Title: Use the L.I.F.T

Author: Olugbenga Hodonu and Kester Audu

Genre: Non-fiction

Format: Paperback/Ebook (Kindle)

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

File Size (E-book): NA

Number of Pages (Paperback): 162

Publication Year: February 10, 2015

Publisher: AuthorHouse, US

ISBN: 9781496968111

Available at: authorhouse, amazon

Short Description: Do you ever think about the direction of your life, as it relates to your career path especially with so many choices on hand? You need not beat about the bush— simply Use the Lift. This will aid you in finding and fitting into your niche right on time. It will also launch you to a strong pedestal in your profession and business from which you can make progress and achieve success.

This is a helpful starting point for self-analysis; a book that will introduce you to yourself and take you beyond yourself. Apart from providing informed advice and choices on career planning and employment, it will challenge your thoughts or stimulate your thinking and lead you to productivity.

It features

Structured tools, techniques and essential principles necessary for professional and project success.

Exploration of various career options and skills for attaining your summit

Tested  principles for running your own business

Inspiring  words from leading lights of various fields

Career Self-Assessment questions and many inspiring subjects

Category: Self-help


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