What Goes Around by Ify Tony-Monye


Title: What Goes Around

Author: Ify Tony-Monye

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8

Number of Pages: 459

Publication Year: March, 2016

Publisher: Fynom Books LTD

ISBN: 978-978-945744-1

Available at: Amazon Stores, Booksellers Limited, Ibadan

Short Description: A fender bender brings Chizo and Difu together, leading to a friendship that blossoms till cupid strikes and they decide to get married. All in the course of nature, one would say. But, their decision unbeknownst to them sets off a chain of events so terrible that one finds it hard to believe. Awele conspires with Kosi to put the spanner in the works – all efforts thwarted every step of the way. Uche and Dozie stand stoically behind their friends but are on their own swamped by life’s everyday troubles. Both experience personal tragedies that change their views about life and helps form their characters – or lack of it. Death from natural courses; unintended murder; and then a double suicide rocks the community, the circumstances surrounding these fatalities gruesome enough to send any witnesses off their heads. A monster is born to Chizo and Difu, further escalating an already precarious situation, but who really is to blame?

The novel toys with love, hatred and revenge; each element so entwined as the story progresses that the reader is sure to be held captive from page one to the end. It touches on real friendship – well and truly tested. With each subsequent page and from one generation to the other, the author carries the reader along as they live the lives of the characters, particularly Chizo and Difu, with them, sharing in their joys and pains, trials and tribulations right through to the very bitter and shocking end. They say love is a disease, a cure for which few have, but will love conquer all? Only time will tell!

Category: General

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