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Nigeria is a literary giant, with numerous literary luminaries  and legacies.  Newer voices are emerging still and we are not shifting grounds.

New Books Nigeria is a portal for cataloging new creative writing out of Nigeria; books written by Nigerian Authors, published in Nigeria or books which are set significantly in Nigeria since the turn of the century.

At New Books Nigeria we are working to build a virtual reference library where interested in Nigerian writings can have access to a complete profile of books written by different and diverse authors in all the major genres. What’s more, we have a Facebook and we are Twitting about our books all the time.

New Books Nigeria is maintained by book-loving Nigerians like you. We do not charge a fee for including books on our Book Hall & we never will. However, there are ways you can pay us for all the effort we put into this labour of love – you can participate in this great building work by adding a title to the growing creative resource.

To add a title, please send a book submission, providing all the usual details of the book which usually appear in the Book Hall, together with a cover image in GIF, PNG or JPG formats.

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