When God Falls in Love by Oluwatosin Olabode

Title: When God Falls in Love

Author: Oluwatosin Olabode

Genre: Poetry

Format: Paperback & eBook

File Size (eBook): 70.18 kb

Book Dimension (Paperback): 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 66

Publication Year: November 26, 2018

Publisher: Word Rhymes and Rhythms Ltd

ISBN: 978-9789659944

Available at: Okada Books and Amazon Stores.

Short Description: When God Falls in Love is a collection of poems that explore the relationship between God and man; God’s unconditional love and man’s eternal struggle with his failings as a mortal. The poems will touch you—spirit, body and soul, and rekindle the flame of His love in your heart.

“When God fell in love, he didn’t just think it, he acted. His action saved humanity forever and not just His thought.”

Category: Christian, Poems

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Not Too Young to Run by Ogbu Eme


Title: Not Too Young to Run

Author: Ogbu Eme

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

File Size: NA

Number of Pages: 90

Publication Year: May 2, 2019

Publisher: Ogbu Eme

ISBN: 978-9781230003212738

Available at: Kobo Writing Life and Okada Books.

Short Description: What do children really want? Hugs and kisses or toys every now and then? Well, these are very good gifts to give to a child, but they are not enough for the children of Port Winkle. Actually, the children in Port Winkle want their very own government that is free from grown-up interference. The brain behind this idea is a clever nine-year-old called Simi Coker whose interest in reading newspapers makes her aware of happenings in Port Winkle. This is how she comes to know the grown-ups are going to have an election which she thinks shouldn’t be a purely grown-up affair. For Simi, children have rights as citizens and must be allowed to participate in the election or in a purely children’s election for a purely children’s government.

Find out all about the rough and tumble, the daring exploits as well as what it means when children take charge of their lives through their very own government.

Category: Political Thriller, Children’s Book

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Abduction Chronicles by Folarin Philip Banigbe


Title: Abduction Chronicles

Author: Folarin Philip Banigbe

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 260

Publication Year: November 26, 2018

Publisher: Imenso Media

ISBN: 978-9780639327

Available at: Booksellers Limited, Jericho, Ibadan, and other  bookstores nationwide.

Short Description: How does one date bring bittersweet memories in one single thought? That was one of the questions in Folarin’s mind as he narrates his spine-chilling encounter with kidnappers. On a bright sunny Saturday morning of 1st May 1999, himself and Titi were joined in Holy Matrimony. 17 years later, they were forcefully separated, on the same date.

When Folarin stepped out of his study in the early hours of May 1, 2006, he was sure the sight before him wasn’t real. Unfortunately, this was a reality he couldn’t shake away. Without warning, he was abducted from the comfort of his home. Exposed to the elements of nature with little or no food, and in constant terror of a dangerously armed gang, he had to negotiate his freedom but not before an unexpected twist brought him in a direct, hair-raising confrontation with his abductors.

Set in the South-South region of Nigeria, Abduction Chronicles is a gripping account of Folarin’s many close shaves with death, with striking details of his journey to and from abyss.

Category: Adventure, Thriller

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Embers by Soji Cole

Title: Embers

Author: Soji Cole

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension (Paperback): 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 103

Publication Year: November 26, 2018

Publisher: Omojojolo Books

ISBN: 978-9789635348

Available at: Booksellers Limited, Jericho, Ibadan, and other bookstores nationwide

Short Description: “…the governor is coming tomorrow, and we have prepared another dance for him. He will get on the news again to announce all things that he had donated to the camp. The foreign aid team will come with their own supplies too. they will take pictures with us–and with all the things that have been donated to the camp. The newspaper will show our pictures smiling like we have been instructed to do by the camp officers when the pictures were taken. But then the store is always empty. The foods, the water, the drugs and even the mosquito nets disappear immediately their pictures have been taken. None of those things have legs! How did they walk away? The answer is simple. They took them!”

Embers is a drama of metaphor, and perhaps the dialogue captured above best illustrates the dilemma in that metaphor.

Category: Drama, Satire

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This Side of the Dead by Isaac Attah Ogezi

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Title: This Side of the Dead

Author: Isaac Attah Ogezi

Genre: Drama

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.0 x 7.5

Number of Pages: 181

Publication Year: 2018

Publisher: Old Press (PEA & Associates)

ISBN: 978-9789545346

Available at: Booksellers Ltd, Abuja, Citi Plaza, Area 11, Garki and No. 34, Ankpa Road, Makurdi, 08035933577

Short Description: Mr. Ogezi’s new play examines the fears, struggles and triumphs of the downtrodden in a class-restive society. With deft utilization of stage resources and verisimilitude, humanity is depicted with telling imaginative empathy in a ghoulish dramatization that embeds reality in fiction.

This Side of the Dead mirrors the class tensions inherent in a third-world country and their attendant consequences. It is about the lives of two brothers caught in the vortex of a soulless world. Michael, an expelled final-year law student on asylum at his elder brother’s construction site home, unwittingly manages to attract love from Susan, an American-born daughter of a Nigerian Cabinet Minister. Unfortunately, his ambivalence to this love does not suffice in stopping the huge price which the poor must pay for crashing the party of the rich and the powerful.


Category: Satire, Naturalism


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An Unexpected Match by Areta Nwosu

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Title: An Unexpected Match

Author: Areta Nwosu

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

File Size (eBook):

Number of Pages: 660

Publication Year: February 14, 2018

Publisher: Draft 2 Digital

ISBN: 9781386182009

Available at: Okadabooks.com, Barnes and Noble & Kobo

Short Description: In An Unexpected Match, experience adventures that will make you hold your breath in suspense, romantic scenes that will have you reaching for a fan, the drama-rich antics of the four dreamy sons of Zik, family drama that you can relate to… plus, a twelve year old murder and a contract killer named Mr. Nuclear…

He’s ended 6 relationships and broken off 2 engagements. It’s her job to find him a new girlfriend but she wants him for herself.

Big-hearted divorcee matchmaker, Farida Yusuf has a job to do. Find a match for her prestigious client: Kurt Achike, a half-Nigerian, half-German god with curly hair and a dimpled, bad boy smile.

Kurt is of royal blood, first of the four heart-stoppingly attractive sons of infamous and controversial Zik Achike.

There’s no doubt that he is the kind of man most women would want. There’s just one tiny problem.

Kurt has a habit of breaking engagements.

Nicknamed the Breaker of Hearts by the public, Kurt has broken off engagements to two women. And now he needs Farida’s help.

Farida has to find him a girlfriend, even though just the thought of him empties her lungs of air and leaves her breathless.

But how will she ever be able to introduce him to another woman when she wants him for herself? 

Category: Contemporary Romance, Action Adventure


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Our Son the Minister by Paul Ugbede

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Title: Our Son the Minister

Author: Paul Ugbede

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback & eBook

File Size (eBook): 165KB

Book Dimension (Paperback): 4.8 x 6.8

Number of Pages: 149

Publication Year: November, 2017

Publisher: Paperworth Books

ISBN: 978-978-956-351-7

Available at: Quintessence, Glendora Bookshop, Patabah Bookshop, Terra Kulture Bookshop, P.A.G.E Book Connoisseurs Bookstores, Lagos; The Booksellers Bookshop, Cassava Republic Bookshop, Abuja; Bookville World Bookshop, Chapters Bookshop, Port Harcourt; The Booksellers Bookshop, Ibadan; The Booksellers Bookshop, Abeokuta; Boldoz Bookstores, Uyo; and online on Amazon, iBooks, and Roving Heights.

Short Description: ‘‘You see, back there in my room, I was doing some deep thinking. I asked myself ‘Makoji, how best can you serve your people without destroying all you stand for?’ I thought and thought and then the answer came, in a flash, and that is what I am about to share with you, I have decided to turn down the ministerial appointment.’’

It is a few hours to the swearing in of ministerial nominees and everyone thinks Dr. Makoji Ejembi has lost his mind, as they search for an urgent cure for him – Our Son the Minister.

This is the winning play from the maiden edition of Beeta Playwright Competition organised by Beeta Universal Arts Foundation. It is a satire of the Nigerian situation and highlights societal culpability in making bad leaders.


Category: Drama, Satire


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