Ruffled Butterflies by Ayotunde Mamudu


Title: Ruffled Butterflies

Author: Ayotunde Mamudu

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8

Number of Pages: 146

Publication Year: 2019

Publisher: Parresia Publishers

ISBN: 978-978-55874-7-0

Available at: Booksellers Bookstore, Ibadan

Short Description: “Till death do us part . . .”

Seemingly innocent transgressions like squeezing toothpaste or leaving pee on the toilet seat lie in wait to trip up these characters who in turn become so stifled by their partners that they can’t wait for death to part them.

Some stories in this collection end in cliff-hangers, making room for self-reflection and numerous possible endings. These thirteen stories traverse domestic issues that call for more meaningful steps than grumbling, as the Morgans, Olabisi, Kayode, Vera and John soon find out.

Ruffled butterfly wings are used as imagery for the delicate family ties of everyday people who are sewn together in marriage. Suspenseful, dramatic, romantic and dipped in an amalgam of Nigerian and Western cultures, these relationships pass through crucibles with the couples spreading ruffled, ripped mosaic wings to flutter and fly against all odds.

Category: Literary, Short Stories

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