This Side of the Dead by Isaac Attah Ogezi

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Title: This Side of the Dead

Author: Isaac Attah Ogezi

Genre: Drama

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.0 x 7.5

Number of Pages: 181

Publication Year: 2018

Publisher: Old Press (PEA & Associates)

ISBN: 978-9789545346

Available at: Booksellers Ltd, Abuja, Citi Plaza, Area 11, Garki and No. 34, Ankpa Road, Makurdi, 08035933577

Short Description: Mr. Ogezi’s new play examines the fears, struggles and triumphs of the downtrodden in a class-restive society. With deft utilization of stage resources and verisimilitude, humanity is depicted with telling imaginative empathy in a ghoulish dramatization that embeds reality in fiction.

This Side of the Dead mirrors the class tensions inherent in a third-world country and their attendant consequences. It is about the lives of two brothers caught in the vortex of a soulless world. Michael, an expelled final-year law student on asylum at his elder brother’s construction site home, unwittingly manages to attract love from Susan, an American-born daughter of a Nigerian Cabinet Minister. Unfortunately, his ambivalence to this love does not suffice in stopping the huge price which the poor must pay for crashing the party of the rich and the powerful.


Category: Satire, Naturalism


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The Professors’ Lineage by Victor Oritsetimeyin Okotie

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Title: The Professors’ Lineage

Author: Victor Oritsetimeyin Okotie

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback & eBook

File Size (eBook): 590 KB

Book Dimension (Paperback): 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 168

Publication Year: June 26, 2018

Publisher: Victor Okotie

ISBN: 978-1986863636

Available at: Booksellers Bookshop, Ibadan, and online on Amazon Stores.

Short Description: On the night he is born, an ill-fated inferno leaves Jeff Uwala homeless, but it is only the beginning of a series of events which take him on a difficult life journey. Raised by a devoted grandmother in the backwater of Kojabat Town, through hard work and the drive to succeed, he rises from the ashes—like a real-life phoenix—to lay hold of his family’s pedagogical legacy. The Professors’ Lineage is the story of how a young man finds his place in the world.


Category: Literary, Faction


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An Unexpected Match by Areta Nwosu

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Title: An Unexpected Match

Author: Areta Nwosu

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

File Size (eBook):

Number of Pages: 660

Publication Year: February 14, 2018

Publisher: Draft 2 Digital

ISBN: 9781386182009

Available at:, Barnes and Noble & Kobo

Short Description: In An Unexpected Match, experience adventures that will make you hold your breath in suspense, romantic scenes that will have you reaching for a fan, the drama-rich antics of the four dreamy sons of Zik, family drama that you can relate to… plus, a twelve year old murder and a contract killer named Mr. Nuclear…

He’s ended 6 relationships and broken off 2 engagements. It’s her job to find him a new girlfriend but she wants him for herself.

Big-hearted divorcee matchmaker, Farida Yusuf has a job to do. Find a match for her prestigious client: Kurt Achike, a half-Nigerian, half-German god with curly hair and a dimpled, bad boy smile.

Kurt is of royal blood, first of the four heart-stoppingly attractive sons of infamous and controversial Zik Achike.

There’s no doubt that he is the kind of man most women would want. There’s just one tiny problem.

Kurt has a habit of breaking engagements.

Nicknamed the Breaker of Hearts by the public, Kurt has broken off engagements to two women. And now he needs Farida’s help.

Farida has to find him a girlfriend, even though just the thought of him empties her lungs of air and leaves her breathless.

But how will she ever be able to introduce him to another woman when she wants him for herself? 

Category: Contemporary Romance, Action Adventure


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Sight in the Dark by Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

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Title: Sight in the Dark

Author: Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

File Size: 0.1 MB

Publication Year: March 9, 2018

Publisher: NA

Available at: OkadaBooks

Short Description: “I have taught people how to be strong and face their fears, now it is my turn as the teacher to practice what i have been teaching” Obinna ponders as he tries to clear the confusion in his head, and face the predicament he found himself in. He is a wealthy motivational speaker who was invited for a presentation in Lagos. He traveled, leaving his beautiful wife, Amaka and his four year old son Jide at home, in Asaba. He experienced something devastating on his way to Lagos, which threw him in a confused state. His life, his family and his personality is at stake.

Category: N/A


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