Submission Guidelines

Here are general guidelines for submitting your book to New Books Nigeria:


  • Submission: To submit a title for inclusion in New Book Nigeria’s Book Hall, please send an e-mail to  providing all the usual details of the book like those found in the Book Hall, together with a cover image in PNG or JPG formats.
  • Short Description: Your Short Description should be no more than 200 words (we will edit off extra words & only publish approx value).
  • Available At: Apart from providing major distribution channels and bookstores where your book can be bought, we would also like to know where your book is available online or in digital format.
  • Excerpts: You can also publish excerpts of your book in your listing. Please include book excerpts as attachments to the submission form.
  • Reviews: You may also add book reviews by including a link to the online site where your book has been reviewed.


Do things quicker,  Download a “Submission Form” by clicking here, complete it and mail to