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Etisalat Prize for Literature 2016: Call for Entries

Lagos, Nigeria; June 1, 2016: Etisalat has announced its call for entries to the 2016 edition of the Pan-African Prize, Etisalat Prize for Literature. This is coming just a few months after the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Fiston Mwanza Mujila won the 2015 edition of the Prize with his first novel, Tram 83. Chief Executive […]

Sabara Magazine: Call for Submissions — “Power” and “Money”

Saraba Magazine welcomes submissions for 2016.    Saraba will explore the theme of “Power” for its nineteenth issue, and the theme of “Money” for its twentieth issue. Issue 19: POWER Power is everywhere, diffused and embodied. What is Power? Where is Power? How does Power work? How is Power used? In this issue, we will present […]

Interview: Tony Nwaka, Author of Mountain of Yesterday

“I did not start writing imaginative literature until I was 50 years old.” —Tony Nwaka

Book Review: Beyond the Trial by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha (Author)

Mbadugha wants women to pick their battles carefully (each of the women concentrates her energies on developing herself rather than fighting the architects of her troubles); she wants them to select their allies carefully (Funke has Grandma Akande, Nkechi has her best friend Uzoma, and Ada’s husband is her fortress); and lastly, she wants them to stay the course (eventually time heals the wounds of all three women).