Crows of the Yellow Stream by Odili Ujubuoñu

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Author: Odili Ujubuoñu

Title: Crows of the Yellow Stream

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 6.14 x 9.21

Number of Pages: 490

Publication Year: 2021

Publisher: Coast2Coast Publishing

ISBN: 978-978-988-101-7

Available at: Amazon stores

Short Description: Ikpeama is accused of stealing kola nuts, a crime against the gods of his people. If found guilty, he will suffer public disgrace, and lose his title and its privileges—but Odoro will suffer the greatest loss, if they only knew.

Okwudo returns to Odoro to ask questions and her ogbanje kindred whisk her off to a sacred pot that uncovers Odoro’s generations-long secrets and reveals the coveted treasure guarded by the crows of the yellow stream.

Scents of leopards, cunning of monkeys and bloody family feuds jostle for the soul of a people divided by their humanity in this epic fantasy. Odili Ujubuonu’s fourth novel, Crows of the Yellow Stream, is a pulsating narrative about a people’s combat with nature, self and other.

“Here is classic knowledge, a novel of astonishing transformations . . .This is indeed an extraordinary novel.”

— Uzor Maxim Uzoatu, Author of God of Poetry

“What a well-written and captivating book. Every once in a while I get a gem like this on Fiverr.”

— Samwrightwrites, Fiverr Consultant and Penguin Book Editor

Category: Epic fantasy, Historical, Folktales

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