Vengeance Of The Spirit by Okwor Maxwell Onyeka

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MxTitle: Vengeance Of The Spirit

Authors: Okwor Maxwell Onyeka

Genre: Drama

Format: Paper back

Book Dimension: 8.5×5.8

Number of Pages: 104

Publication Year: July, 2013

Publisher: Rasmed Publications, Ibadan.

ISBN: 978-81254-0-9

Available at: Publisher and all leading book stores in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana.

Short Description: The bride price or dowry is highly regarded in many cultures. However, it became a taboo for Okpoko when he couldn’t complete the bride price for Ngozi. A famous and rich Obiekwe would approach Ngozi’s parents for her hand in marriage.

Who is the rightful suitor for Ngozi? Will love always overcome the spirit of money and fame? Find out in this intriguing drama to find out Ngozi’s fate; the consequences of the choice she is forced to make.


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