A Conspiracy of Ravens by Othuke Ominiabohs

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Title: A Conspiracy of Ravens

Author: Othuke Ominiabohs

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback/Ebook (Kindle)

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

File Size (E-book): NA

Number of Pages (Paperback): 401

Publication Year: September 17, 2016

Publisher: TND Press Ltd

ISBN: 978-978-955-884-1

Available at: JED Bookstore, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, TerraKulture, VI, Lagos,  LitCafe and Office Mall, E-Centre (Ozone Cinema building), Yaba and other leading bookstores nationwide.

Short Description: In the Niger Delta creeks Southern Nigeria, nine expatriates are being held hostage by militants fighting for control over the resources from their land. At the same time, a series of seemingly unconnected events rock the country.

Alex Randa, a celebrated agent of the Department of State Services, with a compelling record of successes is tasked by the president to secure the release of the hostages; and to also uncover the sponsors behind the militants. With nothing to go on but the phrase ‘Operation Raven’, her instincts, and three unlikely allies, Alex quickly learns nothing is what it seems. Together, they must race against time to save not just the hostages but a nation on the brink of a bloody Civil War.

Category: Suspense/Thriller


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Beyond the Trial by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

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Title: Beyond the Trial

Author: Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)

Format: Paperback & E-book (Kindle, Nook, E-Pub)

Book Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 208/ 126 KB

Publication Year: February 6, 2015

Publisher: AuthorHouse UK

ISBN: 1504935055

Available at: Kaymu.com, Konga.com, Amazon Uk, Amazon US, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, E-bay, AuthorHouse Uk, and other online stores.

Also in Patabah Books (Shoprite, Surulere), Terra Kulture, Laterna Ventures, Glendora (Shoprite, Ikeja), EPP Book Services, Office Mall (E-centre, Yaba), Havilah Bookshops, Unilag Bookshop, Quintessence, Flomat Books (Warri) & leading bookstores nationwide.

Short Description: Beyond the Trial is a collection of three fictional stories: ‘Erased Reproach’, ‘Rude Awakening’, and ‘Shadows from the Past.’ It tells the story of three African women who faced several challenges in their lives – unwanted pregnancy, early widowhood, domestic abuse, and rejection. They chose to turn their setbacks into stepping stones and their trials into testimonies. They exhibited strength of character, resilience, and a determination to succeed in spite of all the odds they faced. It is a must-read for teenagers, young adults, teachers, parents, and grandparents. It is highly educative and entertaining, with crucial moral values highlighted. Join Funke, Nkechi, and Ada as they wade through their individual trials to find love, reconciliation, forgiveness, restoration, and lasting peace. There should be a copy in every home! It is an ideal gift item for youths.


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Death and The King’s Grey Hair (Short Title) by Denja Abdullahi

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Title: Death and The King’s Grey Hair & Other Plays

Author: Denja Abdullahi

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Format: Paperback

Book Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.2

Number of Pages: 108

Publication Year: 2014

Publisher: Kraft Books

ISBN: 978-9789181667

Available at: N.A

Short Description: ‘Death and The King’s Grey Hair’ examines the use and misuse of absolute power based on an ancient Jukun myth of young kings and short reigns. ‘Truce with the Devil’ is a satire on the later abandonment of the creeds of Marxism by its adherents, a kind of mockery of turncoat revolutionaries in the grip of practical social realities. ‘Fringe Benefits’, a radio play, is an expose of the happenings in our ivory tower, seen from the eyes of a participant-observer.


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Path of Madness and Other Stories by Wisdom Anierobi

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Title:  Path of Madness and Other Stories

Author: Wisdom Anierobi

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)

Format: Paperback & E-book (Kindle)

Book Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 106

Publication Year: July 16, 2015

Publisher: Oracle Books

ISBN: 978-979811146

Available at: Amazon.com

Short Description: Anierobi’s robust imagination takes him to the innermost recesses of our world to tell stories that derive from our workday experiences. His language is pacy and his characters range from the swashbuckling archetypes to the ingenious stereotypes, whose manners are a predator on your curiosity, sometimes stretching credulity to an unbelievable limit with twists and turns.

The characters . . . represent different shades of society: the heartbroken couple in search of the fruit of the womb, the daredevil armed robbers on the trail of a daredevil driver, the maverick father, the youthful lover questing for a happy ending, the unemployed grad[uate] whose tottering feet are an inspiration for the cartoon man, the disgruntled workers whose take-home can’t take home anymore, the hopeless youth courting Mammon to cut short the long path to his rainy days…

Path of Madness is a reflection of our contemporary logjams: there is a suffusion of blues in Anierobi’s tales. His concerns [cover] the harrowing experiences an average Nigerian undergoes in a quest for fulfillment…”

— Daily Sun


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The Immigrant: Poems and Reflections by Tudun Adeyemo

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Title:  The Immigrant : Poems and Reflections

Author: Tudun Adeyemo

Genre: Poetry Collection

Format: E-book (Kindle)

Book Dimensions: 159 KB

Number of Pages: 87

Publication Year: April 12, 2014

Publisher: Accomplish Press,  UK


Available at: Amazon.com, Smashwords.com 

Short Description: A collection of emotionally heartfelt poems and reflections, about a girl who left her friends, loves , family and home town behind, to search for a new life abroad. The poems evoke themes of sadness, loneliness, adjusting to a new life, pleasant and unpleasant surprises as well as other issues that will be familiar to anyone who has had to travel and live beyond their country’s borders. Tundun Adeyemo documents in poetry sprinkled with humour and satire her journey from Lagos, Nigeria to the land of the Queen. She describes the drama of settling in, fitting in, adjusting and coping with all the stresses associated with the life of an immigrant.


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A Miracle for Daddy by Sunny Jack Obande

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Title:  A Miracle for Daddy

Author: Sunny Jack Obande

Genre: Fiction (Children)

Format: Paperback & Ebook

Book Dimensions: 5.1 x 7.8

Number of Pages: 110

Publication Year: March 16, 2015

Publisher: Accomplish Press, UK

ISBN: 978-1781486352

Available at: Amazon.com

Short Description: It is Otseme’s seventh birthday and he is happily waiting for Daddy to return from work. He is excited because daddy promised to take him, his sister and their Mummy to have fun at the amusement park. But everything takes a dramatic turn when the family gets the sad news that Daddy was hit by a car on his way home. In haste, Mummy has to go and be with Daddy at the hospital, so Auntie Rose comes to help look after Otseme and his sister. But will the children be happy in Auntie Rose’s company? Will Daddy survive the accident? Will he be able to fulfil his promise to Otseme? And who is the mysterious man that promises Otseme a miracle?


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Don’t Join by Azubuike A. Ahubelem

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Title:  Don’t Join

Author: Azubike A. Ahubelem

Genre: Fiction

Format: Hardcover, Paperback & Ebook (Kindle)

Book Dimensions: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 110

Publication Year: July 30, 2014

Publisher: Authorhouse,  UK

ISBN: 978-1496986979

Available at: Amazon.com & Jumia.com

Short Description: The Nigerian university environment is a zone in which the most rugged takes it all. Passion violence and intimidation are its characteristics. It is governed by unwritten laws and ruled by cult gangs. These were the forces that pushed Uche around till he decided it was time for him to get his courage up and join men in a treacherous adventure where nothing is gained apart from pain, fear, and bloodshed. This book is an eye-opener that would enable you experience the nitty-gritty of this filthy environment in all its glory from a safe distance through Uche’s eye and leave you with only one ultimate advice: “Don’t join.”.

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