Hang No Clothes Here by Bolaji Olatunde

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Title: Hang No Clothes Here

Author: Bolaji Olatunde

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 508

Publication Year: August 2017

Publisher: Origami (Parrésia Publishers)

ISBN: 978-978-55294-0-1

Available at: Page Book Connoisseurs, Ibilola Nelson House, 82, Allen Avenue, Lagos,The Booksellers, Ibadan and Abuja outlets, Kizito Bookshop, Area 1 Shopping Complex, Area 1, Abuja,Cassava Republic Bookshop, Arts and Crafts Village, Central Business District, Abuja, and online on Jumia.com and Konga.com

Short Description: John Braimoh, an assistant superintendent of the Nigerian police, becomes involved in a seemingly noble cause corruption case—the killing of five apparently deviant youths in Abuja, a situation in which his closest friend and colleague, and four other officers are deeply embroiled. The killings attract the attention of Nigeria’s human rights and civil society organisations.  John is summoned to testify before police’s investigating panel, the Force Disciplinary Committee (FDC). As the date of his testimony approaches, unknown elements issue death threats to John and his family, intent on goading him to reveal the truth to the FDC. At the FDC, Braimoh doesn’t come clean—which leads to dire consequences.

As he tries to untangle himself from the resultant web, John is drawn even deeper into the murkier world of Nigerian politics and international espionage. He unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a turf war between two major international drug cartels engaged in a bloody battle to dominate the Nigerian market and route for peddling illegal narcotics to Europe and Asia.

Category: Crime Fiction, Thriller


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