Love Must Be Deaf Too by Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

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Love Must Be Deaf Too

Title: Love Must Be Deaf Too

Author: Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

Book Dimension: NA

File Size (eBook): 0.1MB

Number of Pages (Paperback): NA

Publication Year: February 14, 2017

Publisher: NA

ISBN: 989-989-50772-7-8

Available at: Okadabooks

Short Description: Ever been in a situation when you feel important and stupid the same time? Imagine a man with so much attention and no concentration. Sometimes wishes can look like nightmares when they start to come true. Bruce is in a hot seat, how will he get out of it?  They say love is blind but love must be deaf too.

Category: Romance


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A Bouquet of Dilemma by Tayo Emmanuel

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Front CoverTitle: A Bouquet of Dilemma

Authors: Tayo Emmanuel

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paper back & e-book

Book Dimension: 8 x 5.25

Number of Pages: 328

Publication Year: June, 2013

Publisher: Total Word Publishers

ISBN: 9780956525970

Available at: Amazon, Debonair Bookstore, Patabah Bookshop

Short Description: Tobi’s world is shattered when charismatic Richard brutally dumps her. Can she ever love again? Or will Oba remain a distraction from her heart-broken stupor? When Richard resurfaces, Tobi has to define what true love means to her.

A simple narrative of values, prejudices and challenges that determine the choices we make about love and life.


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