Not Too Young to Run by Ogbu Eme


Title: Not Too Young to Run

Author: Ogbu Eme

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook

File Size: NA

Number of Pages: 90

Publication Year: May 2, 2019

Publisher: Ogbu Eme

ISBN: 978-9781230003212738

Available at: Kobo Writing Life and Okada Books.

Short Description: What do children really want? Hugs and kisses or toys every now and then? Well, these are very good gifts to give to a child, but they are not enough for the children of Port Winkle. Actually, the children in Port Winkle want their very own government that is free from grown-up interference. The brain behind this idea is a clever nine-year-old called Simi Coker whose interest in reading newspapers makes her aware of happenings in Port Winkle. This is how she comes to know the grown-ups are going to have an election which she thinks shouldn’t be a purely grown-up affair. For Simi, children have rights as citizens and must be allowed to participate in the election or in a purely children’s election for a purely children’s government.

Find out all about the rough and tumble, the daring exploits as well as what it means when children take charge of their lives through their very own government.

Category: Political Thriller, Children’s Book

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