Review: The Orphan




To everything there is a time allotted to it. Life is full of stages, it is full of ups and downs and it is in transit. I will agree with you that the life of Aliche Ufomba is a lesson and a food for thought.


It will interest you to know that a life full of stress, struggles and sufferings could be turned into a life of bliss and glory if you are honest, hardworking, persevering and patient with nature to raise you at the appointed time.


Your abilities to turn a challenge into an opportunity to grow, to develop and to achieve make you a matured mind, a great man and an achiever. Sometimes your ability to succeed may be delayed by challenges, but you need not give up, need not back off, need not t accept defeat, for life is full of struggles and nothing good comes easily without an effort.


Life will finally earn you an enduring peace and happiness when you are successful by your struggle and through the grace and favour of God.


It will also interest you to know that no matter your background, you have the power, the strength, and the ability to succeed in you, if you are determined.


Looking at life and what it holds for Aliche Ufomba, ‘The Orphan’ at his early stage, life seems to be hopeless and worthless, and to some extent some would ask ‘‘why did God bring me to this world to suffer? No father, no mother, no brother, no sister, he could not even trace his maternal home and relatives, the only person he knew and lived with was his step mother who later in life attempted killing him. Despite how wicked the world was to him, the grace of God was sufficient for him because he recognized and made God his everything. He conquered the hurdles of life and was able to achieve and make a successful life. He did not relent, he did not turn into a beggar on the streets, or get involved in social vices and the likes rather he accepted each challenge as a stepping stone to his greatness and God saw him through the tough times.


What ever you become in life is not by a chance occurrence, it is because that is what you have chosen. Challenge is a catalyst to success and to every opposition and temptation conquered there is a position, a growth, an achievement, and an attainment for you.

These challenges come to strengthen your drive for success. So many challenges are for a purpose, such that you could be firm, steadfast, cautious and hardworking in order to survive, such moments come to be that you would know and cling to your Creator who is the maker of all things and who is Success personified.


As you pick up this book ‘The orphan’ by Prof. A.U. Aliche to read, it will gear you up to leave that ill and pity-position which you are operating on to attain that position which will comfort your soul and make your life swift and beautiful.


If Aliche Ufomba could succeed irrespective of what life seems to hold for him at the beginning and become successful with wife and children, you will make it as you accept every challenge that comes your way.


This book will also guard and guide you to unfold the mysteries to your success, not only for the orphans but to all who want to succeed in life and experience freedom from poverty, freedom from mockery, freedom from irresponsibility and be celebrated.


There is a purpose for your being created. Stand firm and accept trials and temptation to achieve this purpose and be accomplished.



One thought on “Review: The Orphan

  1. trully, dis book is an eye opener… Very detailed, perfect diction evn upto d understandin of a layman!.. Although som oda persons myt c d simple language as boring but i tink its ok specially 4d target audience..


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