Review: The Orphan


THE ORPHAN- REVIEW by Queen Chioma Duru


This book entitled “THE ORPHAN” which was written by Prof. Anthony Aliche is a book one really needs to read because it will motivate you and also teach you the importance of self-determination.

I’ve always told people that no one advises you better than yourself. This is because even if the best of advisers advice you and you do not put it to work, then it makes no meaning.  Decisions you make for yourself do not need anyone to monitor or remind you before you keep to them- whether in the open or in secret.

In this book, the author told the story of his father, Aliche Ufomba whose life story is both a lesson and a food for thought. This young and intelligent Orphan understood that there is no rest until success is achieved. He knew the definition of Hard work, Time and Patience  and this was part of his success story. He lived an exemplary life and one worthy of emulation.

He passed through pains, trials, difficult times and had a lot of challenges which altogether spurred him to fully make up his mind to leave his hometown, Amapu for another place. This challenge was indeed a catalyst to his success. Indeed when a door closes, another one will open.

Besides his hard work, he feared God and God was with him because our God respects people who work very hard, he does not like lazy people; remember; no food for a lazy man. God made him highly favoured everywhere he found himself and this really helped him when he finally travelled to a strange land called Maha to know what will become his fate because he believed that one day, God will wipe away his tears.

In Maha, people showed him love to the extent that he was wondering what kind of people they were, showing kindness to a stranger like him but this was simply God in action. The people made almost everything easy for him and this indeed showed that with love, all works are easy.

His business began to boom to the extent that he had to expand it because it was solidly built on truth. What an improvement and a rapid growth!

But then, when he taught that life was its best, his world fell apart.

The Orphan is an intriguing story of from problems to praises, filled with suspense, lots of hate, rancor, war, love and ah! I just could not put it down until I got to the last page.

All you just need is to grab a copy and have this same feeling!

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