Upcoming Books: Red Pepper and English Tea


Red Pepper and English Tea by Tracy Nneka Nnanwubar

Tracy Nneka Nnanwubar is a Literary Fellow of the Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She has been awarded a Literary Residency at the Village Institute in India and granted a Colonel Farleigh S. Dickinson International Scholarship to attend the Farleigh Dickinson University, U.S.A. for an MFA in Creative Writing. At age 19, the Commonwealth sponsored “This is Lagos” a documentary about her life broadcast on British and Nigerian Television. Her short fiction has been published in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, India, the U.S. and the U.K. She was one of the writers invited to the 2012 Olympics in London by the South Bank Centre where Her Majesty the Queen is a Patron. “Red Pepper and English Tea” is her first novel.

Tracy Nneka Nnanwubar has been a part of the UK Cross Borders Writing Scheme; a Landmark Forum Initiative to encourage young children to develop their writing skills. She has also partnered with The Pelican Post in the U.K. on the BookShare project in Nigeria. She has won a scholarship to the New-York-University-sponsored Pan African Literary Forum and was invited to the November 2009 Inward Ideas Initiative – A new HIV/AIDS Healing Language, as a part of the “African voices for African problems through literary arts.”

Red Pepper and English Tea is an avant-garde voice in the business of love, dreams as a life-long myth and a bitter-sweet journey to self-discovery six thousand miles away from home. Inspired by the commonwealth documentary “This is Lagos”, Julie, the heroine, explores the themes of chasing dreams, conquering fears, facing reality and earning the mature sense of savoir faire. Her experience debunks the myth associated with the African social commentary on having a better life abroad that at home. Julie’s journey to England is mileage on a seed sown with peculiar experiences scarring Africans today.

Red Pepper and English Tea makes an interesting read because its voice is honest, its message is fresh and its words engage you in the never-give-up quest for the gift of white skin and, the tasty and sour faces of England.

It is a wild portrayal of neo-colonialism, the young, the restless, the lady and her dreams.

An intricately sizzling journey of life, youth and everything in between. Red Pepper and English Tea is a Refreshing Read.

See Full Literary Profile of_Nnanwubar Tracy here.

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