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Longlisted for the BBC Book Prize (2013) , Somber City (formerly titled A Conference in Ennui)  is an evocative novel of the promise, expectation, and disappointment of post-colonial Nigeria. The novel illuminates seminal moments in Nigeria’s history from a period of immense oil wealth in the 1970s to a sudden descent into a cataclysmal debt trap in the early 1980s. This chaotic period, captured within the city of Lagos,  is experienced  alongside the protagonist Femi Falashe, a young engineer  seeking to get his life back in track after a sudden job loss, as well as  five other unforgettable characters: Kabiru Ayinla , a sociopathic policeman with a dark and violent past; Herbie Wayne , a disenchanted teenager with a cannabis-drenched philosophy; Duncan Hill, the British fun-seeker who sees a promise of gold beyond the confusion around; Dennis Tom-Dick-Harry, the desperate migrant from the strife-torn  oilfields of the Niger Delta and Aliyu Mai-guard , the eponymous drifter from the desert North.



Rotimi  Ogunjobi is a children’s writer, folklorist and satirist. His books have been published in UK, USA and Canada. His website is at


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