Flash Sale: Path of Madness and Other Stories by Wisdom Anierobi



Format: PDF

Devices: Any [FREE] PDF Reader

Delivery: By E-mail [Allow 24hrs for payment to be confirmed]

Returns: No returns available

Sells Until: April 2, 2017

Sale by: Farthingstore


File Size: 1.07 MB

Number of Pages: 368 pages

Publisher: Oracle Books


Anierobi’s robust imagination takes him to the innermost recesses of our world to tell stories that derive from our workday experiences. His language is pacy and his characters range from the swashbuckling archetypes to the ingenious stereotypes, whose manners are a predator on your curiosity, sometimes stretching credulity to an unbelievable limit with twists and turns.

The characters . . . represent different shades of society: the heartbroken couple in search of the fruit of the womb, the daredevil armed robbers on the trail of a daredevil driver, the maverick father, the youthful lover questing for a happy ending, the unemployed grad[uate] whose tottering feet are an inspiration for the cartoon man, the disgruntled workers whose take-home can’t take home anymore, the hopeless youth courting Mammon to cut short the long path to his rainy days…

Path of Madness is a reflection of our contemporary logjams: there is a suffusion of blues in Anierobi’s tales. His concerns [cover] the harrowing experiences an average Nigerian undergoes in a quest for fulfillment…”

— Daily Sun



Wisdom Anierobi, poet and short story writer, lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Also the author of a collection of poems, Edges of a Dream, his works have appeared in a number of anthologies such as Camouflage: Best of Contemporary Writing from Nigeria and Passport to a New World. He has also been published in literary journals and newspapers including The Post Express Literary Supplement (PELS).


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