Excerpt: Denge by Rotimi Ogunjobi


The Money-Eating Goddess

He was collecting his winner’s cheque at Baba Ijebu Lottery Limited when he espied amongst the motley press crews, a lady so fascinating in beauty that he could not take his eyes off her. She was so full of elegance, so graceful in her motion, that she did not seem real at all. Denrele wondered if she was actually an angel. Denrele needed to find out who she was, so he escaped from the microphones and cameras and walked right over to this ravishing beauty.

‘Hello, your face looks familiar,’ he said to her, employing the standard wooing gambit.

‘Really?’ her eye lids went up a fraction of an inch, a very amused smile on her lips.

‘Maybe not, but my name is Denge; what is yours?’

‘My name is Subulola, but my friends call me Subu,’ she replied in the most titillating voice Denrele had ever heard in his life. Her voice sounded seductively in between a hoarse whisper and a beautiful song. She indeed looked every inch, every little bit of her elegant body, a goddess. Denrele wished to spend the rest of his life being gazed on by those dark, beautiful and mind-consuming eyes.

‘What do you like to do, Subu?’ Denrele pressed further.

‘I love to spend money,’ Subulola replied with a playful giggle which turned Denrele’s legs to jelly.

‘How wonderful. I love to win the lotteries. I love to win money, so I guess we complement each other rather nicely. Let’s have lunch together and then you can tell me how you like to spend money. Denrele took her hands and led her outside to his waiting limousine.

From that day both of them became nearly inseparable. The gossip newspapers and magazines went agog with their pictures.

– Denge, the Lottery Billionaire Dating Mysterious Beauty

-Will this Stunning Lady become Mrs. Denge?

Stories such as these fuelled the junk magazines every week, but Denge had no time for them. He only had eyes for his beautiful Subulola.


[End of Excerpt]