Editing Guidelines


I usually request to see a sample of the manuscript you are interested in cleaning up, about three pages of double-spaced, 12-point, Microsoft Word document (2003/2007). Please contact me by e-mail or phone before sending anything.

Depending on the kind of editing your manuscript needs, my editing often includes checking your grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and generally trying to catch out inconsistencies in spellings, plot (in fiction) or logic (in non-fiction), as well as factual errors. I may offer suggestions for rewriting, but I do not generally rewrite or rework manuscripts unless we have a special agreement for me to do so.

Before we start, I will usually provide you a brief of my personal Editing Style Guide. Relax, it’s not as complex as it sounds. This is simply the part where we agree on your writing goals and the terms of reference, things like whether you prefer to use American (Am.E) or British English (BE).

During editing, I track the changes I make to your work so that you can choose whether or not to accept the individual changes. I also leave lots of notes providing you my thoughts why I have made or suggested the specific changes to areas of your work. Sometimes, I do a second round of editing after you have made the necessary adjustments. There is a surcharge for doing a second round of editing, a small percentage of the initial fee. The surcharge represents your appreciation of the time I take off some other project to look over your work a second time to make sure no errors have not sneaked into your work during your review. I would love to do this for free as I do get very passionate about each work, and indeed I have undertaken second rounds of editing for free in the past, but at this time I can no longer do free work.

When you are satisfied with your clean manuscript, I can usually make arrangements to provide you with bound proof copies of your new book so that you can appreciate how your final book will look, or so you can have copies for proofreading, or to give to your advance readers and reviewers.

As good editing takes a lot of careful work and plenty of time, I appreciate it when clients send their manuscripts to me in good time rather than when there is a race to get it to the publisher.

If you have further concerns about how we’ll be working together on your book or have any questions at all, please get in touch with me.


You can contact me about jobs by:

E-mail: efioanwanedem(at)gmail(dot)com

Mobile: +2348036970282