The Professors’ Lineage by Victor Oritsetimeyin Okotie

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Title: The Professors’ Lineage

Author: Victor Oritsetimeyin Okotie

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback & eBook

File Size (eBook): 590 KB

Book Dimension (Paperback): 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 168

Publication Year: June 26, 2018

Publisher: Victor Okotie

ISBN: 978-1986863636

Available at: Booksellers Bookshop, Ibadan, and online on Amazon Stores.

Short Description: On the night he is born, an ill-fated inferno leaves Jeff Uwala homeless, but it is only the beginning of a series of events which take him on a difficult life journey. Raised by a devoted grandmother in the backwater of Kojabat Town, through hard work and the drive to succeed, he rises from the ashes—like a real-life phoenix—to lay hold of his family’s pedagogical legacy. The Professors’ Lineage is the story of how a young man finds his place in the world.


Category: Literary, Faction


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Love Does Not Win Elections by Ayisha Osori

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Title: Love Does Not Win Elections

Author: Ayisha Osori

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook (Kindle)

File Size: 1.805 MB

Number of Pages: 188

Publication Year: September 4, 2017

Publisher: Narrative Landscape Press


Available at:

Short Description: In 2014 Ayisha answers a call from within to contest the primaries for a seat in the National Assembly on the platform of Nigeria’s ruling party – the Peoples Democratic Party. She is dissatisfied with the quality of representation – both from the men and women in office and after years advising on and working to get more women into leadership positions, she is curious about what it would take to contest and win.

Can and does she do all that is required of her as an aspirant or does she pick and choose and what impact did her choices have on the results? Was there ever a chance that she could have won? Go through the journey of midnight meetings, envelopes full of money, prayers for sale, tracking the First Lady and trying to get President Jonathan to realise the damage that was being done to the party with the automatic ticket policy and find out what it takes to win (or lose) the primaries of a major political party in Nigeria.

Told in a witty style that belies the heft of its subject matter, Ayisha takes her readers on a spell binding journey into the political underbelly of Nigeria.

Category: Literary fiction


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Wake Me When I’m Gone by Odafe Atogun

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Title: Wake Me When I’m Gone

Author: Odafe Atogun

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 208

Publication Year: September 5, 2017

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 978-1782118428

Available at: & Bookstores nationwide

Short Description: Everyone says that Ese is the most beautiful woman in the region, but a fool. A young widow, she lives in a village, where the crops grow tall and the people are ruled over by a Chief on a white horse. She married for love, but now her husband is dead, leaving her with nothing but a market stall and a young son to feed.

When the Chief knocks on Ese’s door demanding that she marry again, as the laws of the land dictate she must, Ese is a fool once more. There is a high price for breaking the law, and an even greater cost for breaking the heart of a Chief. Ese will face the wrath of gods and men in the fight to preserve her heart, to keep her son and to right centuries of wrongs. She will change the lives of many on the road to freedom, and she will face the greatest pain a mother ever can.

Wake Me When I’m Gone is a story of curses broken, and lives remade, of great tragedy and incredible rebirth. In this, his second novel, Nigerian writer Odafe Atogun unfolds a world rich with tradition and folklore, a world filled with incredible people of remarkable strength, a world that is changing fast.

Category: Literary fiction


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