Book Excerpt: Citizen Perry (A Confession) by Chidi Martin Obi


Watching preparations for the bonfire from the balcony, I began to see how easy it was for political officeholders, hoisted to responsibility and power through their peoples’ mandates, to abandon their social contract, what with the distractions that came with living and working in The Capital. We had our grateful chauffeurs and porters, and a myriad of other bootlicking domestics, at our haughty service. Our free lodging, the unceasing banquets and stupefying wardrobes, free medical care and our teeming wards’ virtual scholarships all conspired to numb our senses to the realities of real living standards. Perhaps, if all those excesses were pruned down such that we operated from our provinces, then our heady dalliances with the really affluent and obscenely-powerful doyens in those corrupting golf courses and pleasure meccas of our big cities, and presently, in this benumbing sierra in the middle of nowhere, whittled down remarkably, and more for the public good. Associating with these unfeeling gods in this manner never considered the necessities of our constituencies. It was like seeking to subdue mortal sins while in league with real devils; outrageous, impossible. So, soon, one felt remote from his basal origins, which well-being was the only reason why he was elected. He began to take things for granted, and gradually the self-imposed alienation from his folk made him a total stranger; their common enemy. An unschooled spectator from afar wondered how such abnegation of sworn duty, to an infra-dignifying level, was possible, but a mileaged insider like me watched sadly from The Triad Square to note these derelictions progress with the fleeting months, and years. Like rapacious eagles we had coveted, as our exclusive ambrosia, even the paltry lifelines of the poor, and to dine therefrom with unworthy gods in the flattering reserve of The Capital, while our dejected mandators stared in from the outer precincts.


    At around 7 p. m, when I was about to shower, a visibly-excited Adebisi floated in. Though the air was crisp and cold, she sweated from her brief workout in the back lawn beneath my window, from where I had spied her in flimsy bikini counting her dumbbell lifts as she sat on a mackintosh mat. I had gaped on, lost in rising lust, and she smiled when she noticed that I gawked at her cleavage and laps. Then, while she packed up to join her husband and co-wife in the heated pool at the back yard, I had the hunch she might come for me. Wishing for her visit, I had left my door open. Soon she floated in, a brisk phantom, delectable in her prim, lilac negligee over creamy undies.

    ‘Ooh, Perry!’ she panted out when we clasped in a tight embrace, her heartbeats chorusing with the flutter of her neck vein. 

    ‘Ade, b… but.’ Though I complained, yet I hungered for her body, and when her hushing, quick kiss came, I gladly sucked in her wiggly tongue whole. Savouring her spicy musk while we smooched, I let go of her clinging, soft mass only with obvious reluctance, and when we pulled apart, her breaths pushed out in short, urgent bursts; there was no time, they seemed to say, whatever we must do, must be done swiftly. I glanced at the door, and she assured: ‘I locked it, and I’ve come for a part of your debt, and quickly..!’ She began to undress.

    ‘Part? How do you mean part? This could be deadly…’ I pretended in whisper, as if The General, or Aminat, or even Mai Shuwa, was within earshot. But she held my hands and twirled round, maybe to calm me.    

    ‘I know my General. He won’t kill you if you’re still useful to him.’   

    ‘But I don’t want to be killed, now, or later.’ We giggled, and she leaned over and kissed my forehead. Barefooted, Adebisi was still tall. 

   ‘But never mind about this moment…’ she whispered out in assurance, groping anxiously beyond my towel wrap for my straining end. She then gossiped. ‘…Baba and Aminat are planning for Dubai.’

   ‘Wow! Great! You going too?’ I feigned interested in her tale. But she made a face in disapproval, like she had had enough of shopping already. Then she shrugged her bra off from her gleaming torso.

    ‘Let Aminat fleece our generous hubby on her own terms. I’ll have my time again. I prefer Germany and Turkey.’ Her pointy tits dazed.

    ‘You and Aminat get on well…’ I teased. She stripped off her thong, and stark before me was feline grace; taut breasts heaving over a flat belly and spreading hips, sprightly legs lean like a cheetah’s. 

    ‘In our polygamy, what else would you suggest, eeeh?’ she began.

    ‘In our little wife wars, we seek out soul mates who think like we do. I gel with Aminat.’ I had mouthed a breast and was nodding absent-mindedly. She hissed to soften my nip at one tit taut like an atili plum.        

    ’What are you doing now?’ She guided my hands to her buttocks.

    ‘The bath…’ My mouth was full. I pulled off to fling off my towel.

    ‘The banquet starts at ten…’ Hot for it, Adebisi came at me, her trembling smile appraising my hardness. She pushed her pelvis onto mine, such that our hairs fused, my straining length squashing against her matted recess. The sponginess thrilled… 



[End of Excerpt]