Wine and Water by Hannah Onoguwe

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Title: Wine and Water

Author: Hannah Onoguwe

Genre: Fiction (Short stories)

Format: eBook

File Size: 2626 KB

Number of Pages: 313

Publication Year: July 30, 2017

Publisher: Bahati Books

ASIN: B074DS4J46

Available at: Amazon Stores, Okada Books

Short Description: Had the traditionally cute little cherub Cupid existed in African folklore, he would rather use the more authentic catapult to shoot his love arrows! His matchmaking endeavours often succeed to stir romance between the most unsuspecting individuals – coworkers, clients, employers and employees, nodding acquaintances, old lovers or friends. ‘Wine and Water’ by Hannah Onoguwe is a collection of twelve short stories set in Nigeria that explore all these likely or unlikely combinations. A purse gone missing at a high society wedding in Abuja; polite insults exchanged in traffic on a sweltering day in Lagos; a slap delivered at Iya Ibeji’s pepper soup joint in Bauchi; and the indignity of being likened to a call girl in Akwa Ibom. These are only a few of the scenarios that pave the way for attraction and romance in the book. Not waiting for an invitation, Love shows up, often taking everyone involved by surprise. These stories show us that every bit of the journey is important, from the cautiousness of getting to know someone to the bone-deep certainty that they are meant for you. They encourage us to keep believing in Love regardless, and when we’ve found that special someone, to cherish those moments of intimacy, laughter, and quiet contentment.

Category: Romance


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