Ojaadili and the War of the Three Kings by Chidi Martin Obi

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Title: Ojaadili and the War of the Three Kings: Book One of the Song of the Slayer Series

Author: Chidi Martin Obi

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook (Sigil)

File Size: 736 KB

Number of Pages: 300

Publication Year: January 3, 2017

Publisher: Sierra Formosa Publishing Nigeria

ISBN: 978-978-938-461-7

Available at: Okada Books

Short Description: Humankind besieged, from amidst and from beneath! Igboland, West Africa, many many centuries ago…

    For young Ojaadili, scion of the gods and son of thunder, daily life is, for a while now, laidback…Well, till those sinister giant crocodile attacks in the peaceful kingdom of Nri set him off on a string of new adventures.

    Accompany Ojaadili Udeoba, black Africa’s quintessential superhero, in this dazzling surreal epic of high adventure, seething intrigue, steamy romance and boundless magic as the wonder lad is armed by the good Eze Nri and his warrior-wizards and loved by the sultry Adiba, most sensual of goddesses.

    Amidst a looming final war from humankind’s insidious adversaries, the demon slayer, with his grotesque but fecund flutist and guide Ogwumagana, battles marauders and numerous demons, an ape king, his beast-warriors and his loathsome sorcerer, and begins a destiny’s journey to the final battle in the lair of the shape-shifting and lascivious Agali and her Dark Lord, Duom, the demon king of darkness. There the undaunted slayer seeks to retrieve that final Element of Power in humankind’s ultimate quest to forever vanquish evil.

Category: Folklore, Fantasy


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