Citizen Perry (A Confession) by Chidi Martin Obi

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Title: Citizen Perry (A Confession) Book Two of The Songhai Chronicle

Author: Chidi Martin Obi

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook (Sigil)

File Size: 0.98 MB

Number of Pages: 300

Publication Year: December 15, 2016

Publisher: Sierra Formosa Publishing Nigeria

ISBN: 978-978-957-868-9  

Available at: Okada Books

Short Description: Clearly fallen from all grace, Ekwemnachukwu Peter ‘Perry’ Obalum, dashing senator and grab-it-all politician, survives detention penitent. But can his penance with hard labour in an abbey, which conjures up ghosts from his sordid past; covetousness, embezzlement, serial adultery and accession to mass murder, enable him and quietly-expiring Abbot Peter Karl von Kaunitz, and Kanayochukwu Agu, a comely virgin from the valleys, find renewed faith, forgiveness and hope?

Category: Political Thriller, Social Commentary


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