When Vultures Die by Chidi Martin Obi

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Title: When Vultures Die: Book One of The Songhai Chronicle

Author: Chidi Martin Obi

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook (Sigil)

File Size: 853 KB

Number of Pages: 392

Publication Year: August 20, 2016

Publisher: Sierra Formosa Publishing Nigeria

ISBN: 978-978-957-858-0   

Available at: Okada Books

Short Description: PRETTY MISS JIDENMA CHARLENE MUNONYEDI, going on twenty-five, has just lost her doting and famous philanthropist father suddenly in a helicopter crash during her national youth service. Months after, she is asked to run for mayor of her backward Ide division. This is an affair which Jidenma will find pretty laughable given her apathy towards partisan politics.

However, with her mother, her fiancé and other well-wishers lending their hands, Jidenma reluctantly accepts the battle of a lifetime that will pit her against the lecherous, superbly corrupt and yet ever-scheming POWER party kingpin, Sir NKEMENA PAULSON EGWIM, and his cohort.

But vowing never to rig the polls in her quest to her people’s dream mayor, how far will this political neophyte go against a ruthless POWER cabal that is hell-bent on retaining her stranglehold on this oil-rich constituency? So as the campaigns spread from her homebase to the fiery slums and the numerous epidemic-prone ghettos and into the flood-ravaged riverine extensions of her definitively-backward but oil-rich Ide division, how on earth can the naive Jidenma and her PASUMA party make history for Africa?

Category: Political Thriller, Social Commentary


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