Murder at Midnight by John Ukah

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Title: Murder at Midnight

Author: John Ukah

Genre: Fiction

Format: eBook (Kindle)

File Size: NA

Number of Pages: 131

Publication Year: November 15, 2016

Publisher: The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd

ISBN: 978-978-54707-03

Available at: Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Okada Books

Short Description: Alex Simpson, an ex-police officer, decides after a bout of typhoid fever to take a break in a serene and therapeutic environment. The last thing he expects is to be called upon to solve a murder at the Kinging Guest Lodge. But that is what happens, when the delectable and vivacious Maria Marshall is found dead in her bedroom at midnight.

The gallery of characters living at the guesthouse and thrown into the mix, do not make his task of solving this chilling and brutal murder any easier …

Category: Thriller


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