Lords of the Creek by Tony Nwaka

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513klics9mlTitle: Lords of the Creek

Author: Tony Nwaka

Genre: Long Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 202

Publication Year: September 25, 2015

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 978-1504950251

Available at: Amazon Store

Short Description: Nigerian businessman Robert Akinyemi Edward has already agreed to postpone his retirement once to assist Adilax, a multinational oil company, amid the worsening crisis in the Niger Delta. With just three days left in his deferment, he settles into a chair in a hotel lounge. Moments after he receives an urgent phone call, he frantically races to the Abuja airport to catch the last flight to Warri. There is no time to waste: a member of the Itsekiri royal family has been abducted from the house of Macpherson Douglas, an Adilax staff member. With Princess Alero Mayuku missing and Douglas in trouble with the police, Robert soon finds himself immersed in tense negotiations involving several conflicting groups. But when Douglas and the police officers who take him in for questioning suddenly disappear, Robert must initiate his own search operations to find the princess-rumored to be a captive of Ijaw militia boys-and Douglas. But as Robert is about to discover, there are those who will stop at nothing to stand in his way. In this political and social thriller, a Nigerian businessman is drawn into centuries-old conflicts as he attempts to rescue an abducted princess and elude those who hunt him.

Category: Thriller


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Kindle Edition           534 KB        193            September 28, 2015


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