Denge by Rotimi Ogunjobi

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Title: Denge

Author: Rotimi Ogunjobi

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback/Ebook

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

File Size (E-book): NA

Number of Pages (Paperback): 116

Publication Year: June N/A, 2015


ISBN: 978-978-53410-9-6

Available at: iTunes, Nook , , , and in bookstores at University of Ibadan bookshop, Booksellers Limited, and AM Book and Team Publishing Ltd

Short Description: He was just another unemployed youth, fed up with his failures and even contemplating suicide. But Denrele Gabriel miraculously wins the grand lottery prize and things begin to look a lot better for him. He also discovers that he has an amazing gift for winning in the lotteries, and this makes him very wealthy. The entire world, astounded by his uncanny luck, finally stands for Denrele Gabriel. But the lottery cabal are not amused, as several of them have gone broke and closed down because of the extraordinary luck of the man now popularly known as Denge. To their further frustration, their several attempts to assassinate Denrele fail. After Denrele breaks a peace agreement with them never to play the lotteries anymore, the cabal unleashes on him all the machines of war that they could find. But Denrele is once again saved by the hands of an unexpected angel of providence – a once jilted lover. However, he discovers, to his sorrow, that things are never as you dream they are.  A roaring satirical comedy.

Category: Comedy/Humour


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