African Writers in Exile by Chinedu Ogoke

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Title:  African Writers in Exile

Author: Chinedu Ogoke

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimensions: 6.1 x 9.2

Number of Pages: 222

Publication Year: February 28, 2011

Publisher: Piraeus Books LLC

 ISBN: 978-0983185314

Available at:

Short Description: Chinedu Ogoke’s book discusses the psychic, physical, and metaphorical exile of the African writer. Its starting point is the fact that African writers face numerous problems in their desire to be creative. In the post-colonial era, global politics and the quest for profits have led to social disorders, persecution, and worsening economic conditions in Africa. This has forced writers from the continent to move to the West in search of peace and a chance to reach a larger audience. But while the West offers improved access to publishers, exiled writers have to deal with difficult issues of language and culture in their work. Lacking the support of the traditional African family, many feel unfulfilled and simply lost in their new surroundings. Ironically, they also feel excluded from literary activities in the place they have left. African Writers in Exile traces the paths taken by these excluded artists and the implications they may have for the future of African literature. Ogoke also analyzes their arguments for economic and political reform in various African countries. At the root of these proposals is a desire to establish political structures that will remove barriers to creative pursuits while enhancing social and political progress for all in Africa.


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