Hidden Treasures of the Heart by Ifeoma Ndiolo-Enaholo

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Title: Hidden Treasures of the Heart

Author: Ifeoma Ndiolo-Enaholo

Genre: Fiction

Format:  Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 260

Publication Year:  November, 2014

Publisher: Authorhouse UK

ISBN: 978–4969–9190–4 (sc), 978–1–4969–9191–1 (e)

Available at: Authorhouse Uk, Amazon.co.uk, Enquiries (Nig): 08033007046, 08121467233, 08025148275

Short Description: An overwhelming story about an exciting childhood in Eastern Nigeria with pockets of sibling rivalry. Three strong sisters with peculiar character traits, swimming through the currents of life, matched with three vibrant brothers. Events captured in a rich cultural environment, spanning through a period of the Nigerian / Biafran war – with vivid impressions of the war and life afterwards.


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