The Pyramid of Askia Burtune by Aminu Hamajoda

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Final CoverTitle: The Pyramid of Askia Burtune

Author: Aminu Hamajoda

Genre: Fiction (Humour)

Format:  Paperback

Book Dimension: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 380

Publication Year:  November 5, 2014

Publisher: Fasihan (Nig) Ltd

ISBN: 978-34233-8-X

Available at:

Short Description: They say Africa is the cradle of humankind, and it has a triple heritage. But when a people could not blend the various imperatives of their historical heritage, let alone digest them, calamity is the end! When Burtune son of Askia Baáshi, and Lamiri Marduka, Son-of-knowledge succeeded their parents respectively, Barduvai the ancient city was to change for the worst, especially when a splintered rock terrifyingly sundered down the Tibesti Mountain and a menacing comet immediately appeared in the east. Leadership and knowledge were challenged to limits, leading the Barduvai poet, Gaulojo to lament, “Our garment lost, we couldn’t recall, we couldn’t decide. We were zealous host, who became stranded guest. Our sagehood shaved, we were beyond care. Heirs of a tune we couldn’t recollect.” But from the ashes of catastrophe, a new man may also emerge as the first man has appeared in Africa.

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