The Tragedy of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama

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The tragedy of victoryTitle: The Tragedy of Victory

Author: Godwin Alabi-Isama

Genre: Non-Fiction (Memoir)

Format:  Paperback

Book Dimension: NA

Number of Pages: 704

Publication Year:  October 24, 2013

Publisher: Spectrum Books, Ibadan

ISBN: 9789789260058

Available at: Online on and Writehouse

Short Description: The Tragedy of Victory: On-the-Spot Account of the Nigeria-Biafra War in the Atlantic Theatre is a chronological narrative of the war that lasted from July 6, 1967 to January 15, 1970. With about 500 photographs and maps and facts, told with accuracy, the well-organised and efficient Third Marine Commandos, earlier commanded by Col. Benjamin Adekunle (with Lt. Col. G. Alabi-Isama, as the Chief of Staff) had already controlled the Atlantic coast from Bonny to Calabar before Col. Olusegun Obasanjo’s arrival as the new commander.

The book is a rich manual, a repository of invaluable information, a document that gives a precise and veritable first-person account of the Nigerian civil war, in the Atlantic theatre. It is a must for every serving and retired member of the armed forces to own. Other Nigerians and international bodies will find it particularly useful in reconstructing the events of Nigeria’s civil war.

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6 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama

    • Sodiender, thanks for stopping by the blog. Please see the “Available At” entry on the listing for where you can get the book. I’ve also sighted it at Booksellers Bookshop in Ibadan, in case you live here.


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