Burning Savannah by Chikwendu Anugba

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Title: Burning Savannah

Author: Chikwendu Anugba

Genre: Fiction

Format:  Paperback/ E-book (Kindle)

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5/ 126KB

Number of Pages: 246

Publication Year:  February, 2014

Publisher: Jemie Books

ISBN: 978-978-52780-2-6

Available at: Online on  Amazon.com

Short Description: In the heat of ethno-religious riots in Jos, Emeka and Hauwa are in love. Unknown to them, Hauwa is betrothed to Hassan, the head of the Shura of the Muslim Brotherhood sect. Meanwhile, Special Agent Sean Porter is on a mission to uncover a plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to deploy biological weapons. The weapons are traced to Jos. Things take an unexpected turn when Hassan stumbles upon Hauwa and Emeka in a compromising position.


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