Now I Know by Okoro Chinedu Vincent

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Now I Know Cover PageTitle: Now I Know

Author: Okoro Chinedu Vincent

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Format:  E-book

Book Dimension:

Number of Pages: 47

Publication Year:  February, 2014

Publisher: Kingstar Digital Publishing

ISBN:  9781497706453

Available at: Online at Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Nobles Nook Store, Apple iBook, Kobo, EbooksReloaded, etc.

Short Description: NOW I KNOW juxtaposes two families with one of the parents in each case compromising on the upbringing of the child. Papa Okey constantly bullies his wife and regrets the influence of his character on his son Okey who eventually becomes a bully and finds himself in the police net.

Dorothy, on the other hand, sheds painful tears for opposing her husband, Okongwu, who would have prevented their daughter Carol from getting unwanted pregnancy.

NOW I KNOW aptly captures the chaos prevalent in most contemporary homes while, in hindsight attempts to salvage what’s left of the family system, highlighting the fact that patience and tolerance are invaluable assets in the family business.


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