Panorama by Ifeoma Ndiolo

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nd2Title: Juggle the Dice

Author: Ifeoma Ndiolo

Genre: Poetry

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 8 x 5.6

Number of Pages: 69

Publication Year: June 27, 2013

Publisher: Divine Creation Publishing House, Lagos

ISBN: 978 – 067 – 988 – x

Available at: Terra Kulture Bookshop.

Short Description: Panorama is a collection of long and short poems. It is divided into two parts, relating only to the season in the life of the author in which they were written and nothing to do with the length, structure and subject. The blend of short and long poems makes for ease of breath while reading the poems and they were done in simple, easy to understand English language.

The poems relate to everyday life experience of the author and people around her and would appeal to all readers, young and old. The use of imagery is fantastic and the poems are very entertaining as well as instructive.


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