Juggle the Dice by Ifeoma Ndiolo

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nd1Title: Juggle the Dice

Author: Ifeoma Ndiolo

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 8.7 x 5.8

Number of Pages: 122

Publication Year: June 27, 2013

Publisher: Divine Creation Publishing House, Lagos

ISBN: 978 – 067 – 987 – 1

Available at: Terra Kulture Bookshop.

Short Description: Juggle the Dice is an easy read collection of very exciting, true life experience stories. The stories are based on the experiences of people living in Nigeria, from the East through the south and western part of the country. They are the kind of stories that every one connects with and relates to what happens to the family next door. They are very entertaining and very much in tune with daily events in contemporary Nigeria, even until date. The ten stories are full of drama and fast paced. They are guaranteed entertainment and a must read for everyone, from parents to children of all ages.


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