The Razor by Kunle Esan

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The RazorTitle: The Razor

Author: Kunle Esan

Genre: Fiction (Crime/Mystery)

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 4.25 x 6.88

Number of Pages: 150

Publication Year: September, 2011

Publisher: Createspace

ISBN: 9781463699314

Available at:

Short Description: Somewhere in Africa, a gang of thieves, known as the deadly trio decide to recruit a new member in order to strengthen their gang. They recruit a mysterious man called ‘The Razor’.

Robert Owatu, Peter Zendi and Anthony Okinye are three ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet. All three men suddenly have a financial break-through, and all become suspects. Each is accused of being ‘The Razor’ after the gang is renamed the ‘Awesome Foursome’.

The three citizens desperately attempt to prove to the police and their loved ones that they are not ‘The Razor’.

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