Endangered by Chukwudi Madu


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Endangered coverTitle: Endangered: A Short Story ( A Campaign Against Domestic Violence)

Author: Chukwudi Madu

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)

Format: E-book

File Format: ePub

File Size: 33.39 KB

Publication Year: January 26, 2013

Publisher: Chukwudi Madu

ISBN: 9781300172918

Available at: Lulu.com &  Amazon.com, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble

Short Description: Vincent has a great wife and wonderful daughters but there seems to be a problem, a problem apparently known to him alone because despite Aniema’s efforts to be a good wife and mother, her husband appears to manufacture reasons to brutalize her.

One day Vincent goes too far and the impact is felt by everyone that is dear to him. Lives are shattered and lessons are learnt the hard way. However, though frail, ever so resilient hope does not abandon them.

This short story reeducates our minds on issues pertaining to domestic violence, as well as reaffirms the relevance of the girl child against the backdrop of perception in some quarters that the male child is superior.

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