The Other Side of Britain by Stephen Anebere

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The Other Side of Britain

The Other Side of Britain

Title:  The Other Side of Britain

Author: Stephen Anebere

Genre: Non-Fiction (Memoir)

Format: Paperback

Book Dimensions: 6 x 9

Number of Pages: 142

Publication Year: November 2012

Publisher: Rehoboth Publishing

ISBN: 978-978511747-9

Available at: The Hud Media Centre, The Palms Stores, Victoria Island Lagos, The Coporative Bookshop, 18 Venn Road North, Onitsha, Anambara State Or call 08133496905 for delivery anywhere in Nigeria.

Short Description:

The other side of Britain is based on the author’s own personal experience, a record of his own life and the memories of events that shaped his life while studying  in United Kingdom. Starting from the time of University application in Nigeria and throughout the years he spent in Britain as an international student and the undiluted realities of a typical African student’s life in the United Kingdom, told from his own true personal experience and the real practical challenges facing international students whilst studying abroad. The book also opens up on those unspoken truths about living in Britain as an African student or international student-truths that most people are unwilling to tell and those real facts and challenges students who are considering studying abroad are meant to know before making decisions and perhaps before leaving the country. It also touches on answers to those questions bothering foreign Nigerian graduates who are looking forward to returning back to Nigeria after graduation

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