Indefinite Cravings by Paul T. Liam


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Indefinite CravingsTitle:  Indefinite Cravings

Author: Paul T. Liam

Genre: Poetry

Format: Paperback

Book Dimensions:

Number of Pages:

Publication Year: June, 2012

Publisher: Leo Books Publishers, Minna

ISBN: 97-89785102826

Available at:

Short Description: Poignant barrage of emotions and laments over a nation, society and individual ventures disordered by penury, injustice, greed, corruption and the consequent mess is the brunt in Indefinite Cravings. Here Paul T. Liam exposes—sometimes pontificates, sometimes bewails—the extent of our fallen values, thus craves, like every esurient fellow, endless lots, too many, indefinite. A free-spoken and terrifying mesh of metaphors, absent in many doggerels paraded as poetry collections, especially by new and young poets, Indefinite Cravings is another remarkable debut from a dissenting voice of new Nigerian poetry.


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