The Playthings of War by Opeyemi Dedayo

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The Play Things of WarTitle:  The Playthings of War

Author: Opeyemi Dedayo

Genre: Drama

Format: Paperback

Book Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.6

Number of Pages:  78

Publication Year: February 28, 2012

Publisher: Inkdepth Publishers

ISBN: 978-978-5050-3-0

Available at: Inkdepth Publishers, Suite 12 Nana Complex, London Street, Minna.

08053358255, 08095215756, 08055612359 & Bookshops nationwide.

Short Description: The Playthings of War is a verse drama that employs indiginous motifs to address contemporary issues. Personified, War declares, ‘I am War!/ The omnipresent vagabond/I reap in the finale of a weak bond… He vowed to gain dominance in the affairs of earthlings in one day. The playwright used this premonitory deadline to foster swift interplay of characters with rich poetic lines. The play’s climax underscores war as fratricidal tragedy usually caused by trivial things.

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