The Lore of Karmalu by Azubuike Eyes Okoro


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KamaluTitle:  The Lore of Karmalu

Author: Azubuike Eyes Okoro

Genre: Fiction

Format: Tradeback

Book Dimensions: 6 x 9

Number of Pages:  222

Publication Year: April 29, 2012

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781468124934

Available at: CreateSpace Store

Short Description: Drawing a thin line between fact and fiction; this tale proves that reality can be more DRAMATIC than any fiction.

A transcendental concept of retribution that cuts across the oriental, western, and eastern cultures of the world. Artistically portrayed here in popular culture and for POSTERITY:
The Lore of Karmalu’ is a metaphysical gift from the Igbo people of West Africa to the world.

The individual versus the society; morality is put to test in the sociopolitical arena of the largest black nation. Accentuated by an abstraction of graphic illustrations, this story takes the imagination to uncanny dimensions.

The author blends the three forms of writing: Poetry, Prose and Drama into a seamless story telling device; a style he calls his own.

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