City of Memories by Richard Ali

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City of memoriesTitle:  City of Memories

Author: Richard Ali

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paper back

Book Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages:  296

Publication Year: May, 2012

Publisher: Black Palms

ISBN: 978-978-923-726-5

Available at: Various outlets nationwide

Short Description: City of Memories follows four characters negotiating the effect of various traumas. Towering above them is the story of Ummi al-Qassim, a princess of Bolewa, and the feud that attended her love—first for a nobleman, then for a poet—a feud that bequeaths her with madness and death. All four are bracketed by the modern city of Jos in Central Nigeria, where political supremacy and perverse parental love become motives for an ethno-religious eruption calculated to destroy the Nigeria State . . .

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