Shores of Despair by Merit Gogo-fyneface

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Title: Shores of Despair

Author: Merit Gogo-fyneface

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension:

Number of Pages: 106

Publication Year: March, 2012

Publisher: Tbnet house ltd

ISBN: 978-978-50920-9-7

Available at: The Ultimate Bookshop, No.10 RSUST maingate, opposite Chindah Estate, Port-harcourt, Nigeria.

Short Description: SHORES OF DESPAIR is  a captivating fiction that unveils the challenges of two young Nigerian girls, Chioma and Vanessa. Vanessa narrates the travails in both lives.

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9 thoughts on “Shores of Despair by Merit Gogo-fyneface

  1. This book really potrays the true predicaments of most Nigerian children and their families,it embraces reality and it is a must read for all. A piece nicely put together by my dear friend,i hope to see more of your work soon.keep the flag flying high! Peace!


  2. I enjoyed every bit of it and I didn’t want it 2 finish….it was more like an oliver twist thing cos I wanted 2 read more of d story….the author rily showed great talent and I’m impressed…welldone girl!


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