Looking for an Island Retreat?

Every time I visit naijastories.com it just seems to get better. The site is a reader’s and writer’s dream retreat island. And, if you fall into any of these categories, you would absolutely love to be stranded on naijastories.com

It is an online community for new Nigerian authors to gain recognition, connect with each other and with their audience, and for unpublished writers to showcase their creativity and penmanship.  There is ample room for writers of all genres to expose themselves to their specialised audiences, and also readers can explore some new areas of interests as the site features near everything, from poetry, fiction, short stories, non-fiction, plays, and some groups including screenwriters and script writers, Free writers, and creative writing.

Also, if you are a publisher looking to discover budding or new literary talent, then you should visit the site often. You will also be able to feel the reading audience of any particular writer to determine their sell-ability.

As far as islands go, this one is easy to get lost in . This retreat is really dense and a good, easy-to-navigate site map is desperately needed.


2 thoughts on “Looking for an Island Retreat?

  1. Hello Christian Monthly Library, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you would have to follow the link to Naija Stories to see if you can find the information you are looking for. Wish luck!


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