Get a Personal Assistant . . . or Doodle! is a cool internet tool that lets you manage your schedule effectively. It is great with Facebook Events and Group Chats, and for setting up meetings and other dos real quick. The way it works, let’s say you coordinate a book club that holds its meeting once a month, you simply invite your group members to participate in a poll you have created, down to the clock. For instance, you suggest the first, twenty-sixth or thirty-first day in April, and you also specify the time whether 10. 00 am or 4.30 pm. Next you send an invitation to participate in the poll via e-mail to everyone and you provide them with the Doodle link, or again let Doodle do it for you.

Doodling is how you find a date that works for everyone. You can share your calendar free/busy time with selected contacts on Doodle, too, or get the BETA page which allows your project team, business partners, co-workers and friends to see when you are available and how they can contact you.

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